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的 producing and performing arts play an important role in the intellectual and cultural aspirations of the college and the education of the whole person. 在澳门葡京博彩软件, the arts have a long history of helping students generate a sense of belonging, encouraging them to think creatively, encouraging diverse perspectives, developing new habits of the mind, and offering new modes of discovering one’s voice. 澳门葡京博彩软件Arts aims to make visible all the opportunities to engage and strengthen the presence of art and artists on campus, allowing students to discover new avenues for advancing their creativity in ways that will enrich their future, no matter what field they pursue.


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澳门葡京博彩软件 艺术办事处Wurtele Center for Leadership and Neilson Library to sponsor the 2023–24 Amplify Public Art Competition. 学生 created public art responses to the exhibit “Radical Visions: 的 Art of Protest Posters” that was featured in the fall, activating the public space of Neilson’s ground floor with dynamic installations representing a variety of social, 政治, 文化问题. 的 winning Amplify Public Art submissions are now on display at Neilson Library through 五月 2024.

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Text on pink background: Amplify Competition 的re's never been a better time to have your voice heard
Leigh Fagin in an auditorium.


成立于2022年秋季, the 澳门葡京博彩软件 艺术办事处 (SOFA) is a new office, headed by director Leigh Fagin, focused on unifying arts planning and programming on campus through collaboration and co-creation of programs and initiatives designed to support the creative work of students, 教职员工. 

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Ushering in a New Era

What better way to greet an incoming president than with performances, exhibitions, film screenings, and more? 澳门葡京博彩软件 艺术办事处 was proud and delighted to be a part of the inauguration of Sarah Willie-LeBreton in such a big way. Showcasing all that 澳门葡京博彩软件 and its students have to offer, the weekend was filled with amazing artistic works across campus.

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A group of students on the stage in Mendenhall, clapping and smiling as Sarah Willie-LeBreton greets them

Blackout Poetry Project 2023–24

Be a part of this community project that offers a chance to interact with and reinterpret Emily Post's rules of etiquette. Participants will engage with her iconic work, updating her rules using new media and visual expression to say something entirely new. 每次惊艳之后, 特殊的, 充满活力的, haunting or hilarious page is made, we will gather them into a new collection of poetry and art that could only have been made by our community. 

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Blackout Poetry Project at 澳门葡京博彩软件

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